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Tech Command: A Powerful Tool for Windows Users

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  • Explain what Tech Command is and what it can do
  • Mention the author and the source of the tool
  • Provide a link to download the tool

Tech Command: Install

  • Describe how to run the tool from Power Shell as an administrator
  • Show the install tab and the options to select programs to install or update
  • Explain how to export and import settings for automation TechDemis

Tech Command: Debloat

  • Describe how to use the debloat tab to remove unwanted features and services from Windows
  • Explain the difference between desktop, laptop, and minimal modes
  • Warn about the potential risks of debloating and how to undo changes or restore the system

Features and Old Panels

  • Describe how to use the features and old panels tab to enable or disable various Windows settings
  • Explain the benefits of tweaking Windows for performance, privacy, and security
  • Show some examples of features and old panels that can be changed

Windows Updates

  • Describe how to use the windows updates tab to configure and manage Windows updates
  • Explain the pros and cons of different update settings and schedules
  • Show how to pause, resume, or uninstall updates


  • Summarize the main points and benefits of using Tech Command
  • Provide some tips and best practices for using the tool
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions for improvement
  • Provide a link to the GitHub repository of the tool
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