Instant Lottery

Instant lotteries online lotto247 lottery series is an interesting novelty in the lottery industry for players who like to control their bets. You can win money here easily and in a matter of seconds.

The Crash Lotto series of games is attractive because of its simplicity. Usually in the center of the playing field there is a parabolic line and an object moving along it. The object can be anything, most often it is a rocket, but there are also variants with a simple dot, a comet, a cat or even a hamster. The longer the object flies – the bigger the winnings. The player chooses when to collect his winnings.

How to Win Online in Crash Lotto

In the Crash Lotto instant lottery, you bet online and lock in your winnings at any time, as long as the game hasn’t ended before then. If you don’t collect your winnings, you could lose. The game does not restrict you when to withdraw your winnings.

At the beginning, the player places a bet, choosing the amount he is willing to risk. The multiplier starts at 1x and gradually increases at each point in time as the game progresses. To win, the player must take the money at any point until the chart crashes by clicking on the “Take Money” button. In this case, the player’s bet will be multiplied by the number displayed on the screen at the moment they decide to end the game. If you wait too long, sooner or later the game will cut off and the bet will be unwinnable. Let’s assume that we place a bet of $10. When the multiplier countdown on the screen reaches 2.55x, we decide that it’s time to quit the game and click on “Take the money”. In this case, the amount of winnings will be $25.5.

Now let’s assume that we planned to take the winnings at 2.55x, but the rocket (or whatever was flying) crashed (“crescendoed”), reaching only 1.33x. In such a case, the ticket would be a non-winning ticket and we lose the bet amount.

The player can take the money manually or use automated tools that will do it at a certain point for you. The Crash mechanism used is much like a random number generator, but the stopping value (Crash) is predetermined in the lottery release.

Game Strategies

You’ve probably heard that there can be no strategies in lotteries except one – the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win. This is quite logical since the game of lottery is a randomized game. However, Crash lotto is a different generation of game. Although the value of the crash is determined randomly when you create a ticket, you can choose your own strategy for playing the game, such as on low or high values. The game has the necessary automation tools to help in your strategy.

You need to be aware that those who chase big winnings will inevitably lose in most rounds, but may win big one day. Those who pull down small winnings, on the other hand, will never experience the triumph of a great win, but may enjoy a big pile of small wins. For example, a game with odds of 1.1 will be a winning game 99% of the time, but one day the game may also end at a value of 0. So the choice of strategy is up to you.

Crash Lotto’s Unique Features

While some features of the Crash Lotto interface may vary from game to game, the basic set of features remains pretty much the same. The manual tab is self-explanatory – you place your bet and click the “Take Money” button when you think it’s time to quit the game. Much more interesting are the game automation tools. Unlike slots, Crash Lotto instant lotteries allow you to flexibly customize and choose your own unique game strategies.

The main ways to automate Crash Lotto games are:

“Withdraw winnings automatically” (Cashout At) – selecting a multiplier, when reached, will automatically fix winnings. The player can put the game on auto mode and in case the set multiplier is reached, the winnings will be counted automatically.

“number of draws” (Social) – the number of consecutive draws in which the player wishes to participate.

Some games may have advanced parameters such as:

  • “On Win” (On Win),
  • “On Loss” (On Loss), etc. – actions that will take place in case of winning or losing a draw respectively. With the help of these functions you can increase or decrease the bet.
  • Automation parameters can be used both together and separately.
  • Multiplayer component. During the game you can communicate with other players through online chat in the game itself. And also see the top 100 best winners. An additional bonus is the ability to make 2 bets at the same time and therefore monitor each of them separately.
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