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How to Grow Youtube Channel 2024

Friends, if seen in today’s time, YouTube and YouTube shorts are trending. Look who is making videos on YouTube and earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

If you are also making videos on YouTube but your YouTube channel is not growing, then today in this blog I am going to tell you how to grow YouTube channel. And earn lakhs of rupees just sitting at home.

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To solve this problem, stay on and read all the points written in it carefully. After reading this article completely, your YouTube channel will also start growing and you will also start earning lakhs of rupees per month.

How to Grow Youtube Channel 2024

How to grow youtube channel 2024 In this article of, you are going to know how you can grow your channel with the help of the tips given below-

Select Niche

If you are running a YouTube channel then you probably know the meaning of niche, if not then let me tell you that niche means topic or category.

If you are making long videos or shorts in YouTube then the first and most important thing is niche and you always have to keep in mind your niche.

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By selecting niche, if any subscriber watches one of your videos and likes the video, then he will open your channel and as soon as he opens your channel, he will like all your videos.

As; If you do moto blogging then you have to make only and only videos related to moto blogging on your YouTube channel. If you are a food blogger then you have to upload only food blogging videos on your channel.

Pay special attention to content quality

If you are a new YouTuber, then let me tell you that whatever video you are uploading on your channel, you should pay maximum attention to the quality of its content.

Let me tell you that for the quality of any content, you have to keep in mind only three things, if you keep these three things in mind then no one can stop your channel from growing, which is given below

Script writing

Before making any video, your first task will be to write the script. If you make any video, then make it by writing the script. By writing the script, you will know how the intro of the video will be, how the body of the video will be, and what will be in the intro of the video. What things will come.

While writing a script, always keep one thing in mind that whatever you write in the script should be in very simple words so that you can understand it easily while making the video.

Voice editing

Sometimes what happens is that people are clicking on your video but are skipping your video, due to which the reason is

Poor voice quality.

Even if the voice quality is not good, your channel will not grow, so whenever you record a video, do it either at night or in a place where there is no noise.

If this is not possible then you can also download some apps from the play store to clear the voice. which you can have without charge.

Video quality

Along with voice quality, you should also pay attention to video quality try out this easy video editor online. Whatever video or images you are using while editing, its quality should be good.

If seen, in the beginning no one had enough resources to increase the quality of the video, but still in today’s time it is not necessary that you will be able to make a good video only if you have a good camera.

There are many websites which you can use or use mobile apps to increase the quality of the video.

Pay attention to Title, Tag, Description

Pay attention to Title, Tag, Description

Along with good quality of your video, you will also have to pay attention to the description, title, tag etc. of the video while uploading the video.

Always make the title of the video attractive, always use tags and hashtags while uploading the video, and also on the description of the video so that if someone is reading your description, they can subscribe to your channel.

Create Attractive Thumbnail

By writing the right title, tag and description, you will easily make your video reach more people, but it will be of no use unless your thumbnail is attractive.

To make any video on YouTube clickable, thumbnail works 90% of the time. If the thumbnail of your video is not good then no one will click on your video.

To make your video clickable, you have to make the thumbnail of your video very attractive, when your thumbnail is good then anyone will click on it as soon as they see your thumbnail.

To create thumbnail, you can use some websites and apps given below-

  • Canva
  • Pixel lab
  • Pics art
  • Thumbnail maker

Promote Channel

One of the best ways to grow quickly on YouTube is to promote your channel, which will bring quick views on your videos and also increase your subscribers.

Two ways to promote the channel are given below

Free promotion

For free promotion you should use your social media platforms like; You can use Facebook, Instagram, telegram etc. Whatever video you upload, share it on your social media platform.

While sharing the video, keep in mind that do not share the video with anyone who is not interested in the video because such videos get clicked and come back, due to which YouTube will not grow your channel.

Paid promotion

If you are spending a little money then you can grow your channel quickly. For this you will have to use Google ads. By creating your account on Google Ads, you can grow your channel by running ads.

Whatever video you promote through Google ads, that video will be shown in YouTube’s search feed and suggestion, due to which your video will get views very quickly.

Be regular

Being regular on the channel does not mean that you open your channel every day and watch your own videos every day, rather you upload a new video on your channel every day.

You should set a correct time that you have to upload videos at the same time every day and in the beginning you must upload at least 2 videos every day and if you are able to upload more than two videos then it is very beneficial for you. It would be good.


How to get 1k subscribers on YouTube in a day?

If you continuously post videos with high content quality, then within 2-3 months your channel will start getting 1k subscribers per day.

How many days does it take for a YouTube channel to grow?

To grow your YouTube channel, if you continue working on your channel daily for 2 months, then your channel will grow easily within 2 to 3 months.

How to grow quickly on Youtube?

To grow quickly on YouTube, you should make videos on trending topics and upload videos on your channel daily. Techdemis


Friends, in this article we told you how you can grow your YouTube channel in a very short time with a good strategy.
If you read and understand each point written in this article carefully, then you too will be able to get lakhs of subscribers on your channel within just three months. If you liked this article then share it with your friends and if you have any question related to this keyword then please let us know by commenting. Thank you for reading the entire blog! If you liked the blog, then you must follow us on whatsapp, telegram, Instagram, facebook etc.

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