Digital 7/12 Extract: A Guide to the Benefits, Uses, and Limitations

;sA digital 7/12 extract, sometimes referred to as a Satbara Utara, is an electronic version of a land registry that includes comprehensive details on a specific piece of land. It is issued by the Revenue Department of the Maharashtra state government and can be accessed online through the official website or other portals. A digital 7/12 extract includes the following information:

  • Survey number, subdivision number, and area of the land
  • Name and address of the owner and the cultivator
  • Type and class of the land
  • Crop details and irrigation source
  • Mutation entries and remarks
  • Liens, encumbrances, or disputes on the land

A digital 7/12 extract is an important document for various purposes, such as:

  • Verifying the ownership and title of the land
  • Applying for a loan or mortgage on the land
  • Transferring or selling the land
  • Paying taxes or fees on the land
  • Claiming compensation or benefits for the land
  • Resolving disputes or litigation on the land

It’s digital 7/12 extract has several benefits over a physical copy, such as:

  • It is easy to access and download from anywhere and anytime
  • It is updated and accurate as per the latest records
  • It is secure and tamper-proof as it has a digital signature
  • It is valid and acceptable for all official and legal purposes

However, a digital 7/12 extract also has some limitations, such as:

  • It may not reflect the actual ground reality of the land, such as encroachments, illegal construction, or environmental issues
  • It may not include the details of the previous owners or transactions of the land
  • It may not be available for some areas or regions where the digitization process is not completed
  • It may not be sufficient to prove the ownership or title of the land in some cases, such as inheritance, partition, or adverse possession

Therefore, a digital 7/12 extract

Is a useful and convenient document, but it should be used with caution and cross-checked with other sources of information, such as:

  • Measurement and physical examination of the ground
  • Original deeds and documents of the land
  • Revenue records and maps of the land
  • Local authorities and witnesses of the land

A digital 7/12 extract is a valuable tool for landowners, buyers, sellers, lenders, and others who are interested in land-related matters. It can help them to verify, protect, and utilize their rights and interests on the land. However, it should also be used with due diligence and responsibility, as it may not reflect a complete and accurate picture of the land.

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